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    How to fix common problems with your cannabis grow | Leafly Homegrow Series

    You’re excited to grow weed in your garden and you think, “How hard can this be? It’s called weed for a reason, right?” Right! And while it’s most certainly not …


    • MotherfuqrJonez Jones

      Anyone can grow cannabis it’s not difficult you’re not an expert. Grow top-notch award-winning medicine and then make a video about it

    • Jay †hə Pocket

      I love that you have thus far continued to grow your plant next to the squash and pumpkin. After all, communion is best for the plants, and a certain amount of diversity is best for their community. Plus, the circumstances of that growing environment will motivate you a little to be extra attentive, which will benefit all of the plants in that area to be watched and guided a little closer.
      I am binging and really loving this series. Thanks for sharing.
      All Love = Love All

    • Pi Tote

      Pfffhahaha lol ok ok !!!🙃

    • Jacob Cordell

      God i love your personality💚

    • M C

      I like how she's super smug about her "haters" and then goes onto say increasing airflow will eliminate a spider mite infestation. Pure irony.

    • enoki roll

      Just me or does she keep looking off to the side... Like shes reading off something lol

    • A Tennyson

      A breath of fresh air to hear you say Moth SHIT, instead of that silly childish word that begins and ends with P.

    • Michael Lambethsr

      Love love love her lmao

    • MotoMech

      Are you sure you “don’t consume” your own product? ;)

    • Bloom Plus -Lanye

      hello friend,Are you interested in led grow light used in planting? We would like to sponsor you to free use. Please reply me by instagram if you are interested,my ins acc name@bloomplusled

    • Ganja Train

      awesome share darling!

    • Matt

      Jo! Hello from Portland, the beehive of terrorism and anarchy to the north. Thanks to that dumb virus, I’ve had plenty of time to pickup a new hobby and started growing for the first time back in March. The videos are great and been super helpful. Unsolicited editorial advice, but we need more of the little guy running around!

      Right, question(s)! I’ve got a ton of those dumb white moth things flapping around, but haven’t noticed any caterpillars crawling around on my plants. Are the dumb white moth things a threat to my plants, or just the dumb caterpillar version of them Should I start applying Bt as a preventive?

      Thanks for all the help!

    • Cobra.1. Kai

      This is just wrong. That whole garden is yellow. Spider mites are easily removed with neem oil, I wish I could just add more air flow lol these videos could be a whole series if really broken down in dept by the right person who is potentially a grow director or head horticulturist. Focus on one topic per video and offer real solutions, IPM's alone needs to be a 10-20 minute video broken down from mites and disease etc The biggest issues with IPM's and newbies are usage rates, people seriously dont read these labels and go off of their "feelings" or "observations" There is so much to be covered that newbies need a clear direction on.

    • Shvet Anatoly

      Приятная женщина.

    • ElevatedGrub Gardens

      We use natural essential oils to prevent pest and good bugs,not chemicals and bottle stuff,also the there's alot to do in all stages of the plants life,there could have been low stress training,super cropping etc,you keep calling people haters for correcting your mistakes

    • VanillaSaltyBalls

      She is pretty stupid. She topped that plant way too late in and also cut way too much off and then acted like she was right because it's still alive. I'd like to see her top a plant correctly side by side and watch it get 50% bigger, then maybe she'd admit that she fucked up. Maybe...

    • VanillaSaltyBalls

      This girls is annoying

    • Henderson Guy

      Who died and bequeathed this farce company to be the authority on weed? Pure comedy.

    • Lindsay R

      Didn’t original bud have CBD in it naturally? Do they purposely leave it out to save money or because it’s harder to extract?

    • DK

      It’s been a month since you pruned. That plant should be “hella” big by now lol. Love your enthusiasm though!

    • Jay_Gutta_Music

      00:01 Leo Getz much? (Lethal Weapon 2)

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