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    'Americans are choosing more cannabis’: Green Thumb Industries CEO

    Yahoo Finance’s Zack Guzman and Akiko Fujita discuss Green Thumb Industries’ strong earnings report with Ben Kovler, Green Thumb Industries Founder …


    • Jay Hay123

      Until federal legalized, US companies are hamstrung against Canadian companies that have a big head start.

    • Ray Bod

      Americans are choosing to use their money to get high, dude. Like wow, no wonder we need China to build us stuff.

    • Dark Soul

      Pure sativa. You can tell by the shape of the leaves.

    • Pip Santos

      Uruguay. Where you can plant cannabis in your garden without having a SWAT team storm your house.

    • Sir Loin

      Americans could have used that money to improve their productivity compared to foreign workers. Or let go of the industries they can no longer compete in, but diversify? Instead they’re just choosing the Government will bail them out, like they did in 2008 to Wall Street?

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