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    Tips for Recovering Brain Health After Long-Term Marijuana Usage

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    • Michelle.Jordan 2

      I’m a teenager and I thought it would be cool that I smoke weed with my friends but I made a mistake and I don’t feel the same I feel so depressed and like out of control I also don’t feel happy and I got really bad anxiety It’s also making me feel like I’m loosing my memory I just want to feel the same again how can I do that ! Please help

    • Daniel Wright

      Yo man this is amazing thank you so much

    • Unixe

      Will CBD oil help out?

    • Jordan

      i think im suffering from depersonalization/derealization and it's really hard for me as a medical student to get back on track.
      the advice you gave seems helpful. i will write down again after a month or something to tell you about the progress i made and what i understood
      stay strong


      im 36 i smoked my whole life am i fucked?

    • James Evans

      Having a healthy clear mind brings back the self-confidence which is regretfully lost. Whether it's based on fear, or simply to return to your old self, being mentally strong and healthy is something else. Maybe a method, like the one mentioned in Nemery Thentel’s website can help you achieve just that.

    • राजपूत

      Yoga is a best way for brain and body recovery checkout babaramdev yoga on youtube

    • Chris Shastid

      Wow, over a thousand views. Glad this video is helping people :)

      Update: moderation is key. I honestly believe incorporating these things on top of medicating when necessary is key to living a full life.

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