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    New covered arena proposed for the Adelaide CBD | 7NEWS

    A covered arena in the heart of the city is a step closer. 7NEWS can show you the premier’s grand plans for the facility, which come with a hefty price tag.


    • Vasilis Constantinides

      And Boxing/MMA fights !

    • Jak3 Mart0

      AEC is terrible its small, in a poor location and is outdated, better of selling it for residential homes/ apartments and spending the money on a multipurpose arena in the city which would be an attraction for visitors. But in saying that lets deal with the real issue first which is ramping of ambulances at the RAH

    • Stringy-bark creek

      Build a stadium then people get arrested for going to close to each other. Australia is a communist state. The government can build a stadium with tax payers money but the taxpayer can't even open there business

    • Luke

      Stadium’s wow that’s a new’s all about promoting gambling if you think about it.

    • Engioc-Games

      I'm unsure why they would do this instead of upgrading Memorial Drive and turning that in to a multipurpose stadium for tennis, basket ball, netball and concerts. Tennis Australia and SA put up plans for Memorial Drive a few years ago, then when the Libs got in they said we couldn't afford to upgrade it. If we can't afford to upgrade Memorial Drive how can we possibly afford a completely new stadium??? I'm not opposed to a new stadium if it makes sense, normally I like to see new development in Adelaide as far too often we're held back by people who can' t handle change, but why are the Libs ignoring Memorial Drive? I don't even like tennis, basket ball, or netball, but it would make sense to bring these sports back to the city right next to the Adelaide Oval, and it should include bringing soccer to the city as well. Again, I'm not a fan of soccer but it belongs in the city.

    • Lupi33

      pointless in a post covid world
      major acts bypass Adelaide, not because of the venue size but because tickets sell slowly
      Sia would never have gotten more than 7500 anyway

    • TruBluHeeler

      This guy just wants his name on a plaque out the front..

    • Karlos KHAOS

      Housing before a stadium

    • Kuchiki Sim

      COVID-19. Do not party enter stop. Closed lockdown now.

    • Diana Latimer

      this the same premier that got rid of the Adelaide 500 ad if he wants big acts need an arena that holds 45k plus people

    • yec yec


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