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    Majority Leader Schumer, Sens. Booker & Wyden talk about Comprehensive Marijuana Reform Legislation

    It is long past time to end the federal prohibition on marijuana and undo the damage of the War on Drugs. I talked with Senator Booker and Senator Wyden about …


    • Chew Bacca


    • KeyBoard Warrior

      it's as simple as if you like it or you don't ......I mean beer stores, ABC stores, on every corner.. not everybody is a drunk !!!!

    • Snickel Fritz

      What’s the timeline on the introduction of the Bill?

    • Snickel Fritz

      As a republican I suppose the legalization of cannabis.

    • Joshua Griffin

      I really believe that this plant will bring us πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ together and peace

    • Ryan Toon

      This shouldn't be a partisan issue. I am conservative. I support the end to the drug war. Government is not my mommy and shouldn't decide what plants are moral or not. I can buy any poison I want online or in store but if a plant or compound makes me feel good then the government tells me its immoral? Excuse me? Who tf they think they are! I will not comply! Not now! Not ever! Decriminalize Nature!

    • mike oswald

      Most won't believe me, when I say, that as a conservative, I don't think mj should have ever been outlawed. It's a natural plant, placed here on this planet by God himself for our benefit. So, legalization should not come with over-regulation. It's more of a natural supplement, imo. It's not in the same category as alcohol, because, cannabis has many components that have health benefits, as recent research is finding. It needs to be protected from big pharma, tobacco, and alcohol. Let the people develop businesses in cannabis. Maybe the ones who served prison time unfairly should get small business grants. I want to hear from both sides of the aisle. What say you, conservatives? Don't just make this about the money. Let freedom be the way.

    • Tony G

      They will lose the midterm elections and the white house to Trump if they don't pass it PERIOD they have been lying to their Base for yrs now from Clinton to Cuomo that's why more and more dems identify as independent each yr. The Republican care only about the rich and the corporations dems or care about looking woke but have not backbone or motivation to do the people's bidding. Yrs come and go and dems are only able to take baby steps and can't make a move without over studying it 30 times with focus groups and consultants. But now they pin them selves to a wall. If they don't get it done. They will never win back any sort of trust from their Base. More and more black and brown people are being targeted by cops each day for marijuana while the dems pertain to care. GET IT DONE NOW OR WATCH A HUGE EXODUS OUT OF DEMS AND SAY HELLO TO YOUR DADDY TRUMP IN 2024!!

    • Robin Tyrell

      Marijuana should be legalized it should be treated the same wayThey treat the liquor stores if you get caught selling it to a minor you go to jail

    • James

      Restorative justice means reparations. My tax dollars paying for someone else’s issues. No way

    • James

      Here comes the politics with all talk and no action.

    • Dan Parsons

      Hello Senator Schumer, I don't know if you're reading this, but what the hell just happened in the White House? A purge of pot smokers? Really??? After all the BS Democrats say about legalizing pot, you're leader very casually fires or suspends a bunch of people for smoking pot. Just like the good old days.... just bring back the goddamn War on Drugs. What next? Just say no?

      Listen, if you people can't get your shit together NOW and legalize NOW, WTF do you think is going to happen? People are going to lose faith in Democrats and you are going to lose to the freaking REPUBLICANS because of this. Seriously Senator, you need to get your effing President on the phone and get him to sign on to your bill.

      This is tremendously stupid on Biden's part. He has built up a lot of goodwill and now he just pissed a significant portion of that away. Way to go Joe.

    • purebredbjjguam


    • Ocon star

      No more talk just get it done I'm sick of how long it's taken its really a shame


      Free the black rose! Get this video trending!

    • Michele Renee Monique

      The statistics and facts remain. It is well past due time to implement these measures in NYS. Get it Done already, stop dragging feet. Economically, Socially, and Medically, the investment in Lives for decriminalization starts at the top. Ready? Set? GO!

    • Mark Thrower

      Just get it done already!

    • Oliver White

      Enough talk, do it. Do it now. Or you will lose and I will enjoy it.

    • Doran Krotan

      Gas prices are up.
      Capital gains tax
      Bombed Syria
      Picking a fight w Putin
      80k Keystone pipeline jobs gone
      Border crisis
      Auto Workers Union pissed off
      Tax the rich, then middle class
      Sending American tax dollars to foreign nations

      ...sleazy Democrats ruining this country undermining the constitution and deceiving gullible and credulous Americans. I look forward to secession, you go your way, we'll go ours. #WeTheDivided

    • Tony G

      Get it done or you will lose the midterms and lose the white house in 4yrs. Dems must prove they can get done what their base demands or the base will not turn out to the polls. PERIOD

    • Dan Parsons

      Gentlemen, I thank you for working on this. As several people have mentioned, time is of the essence here. People are languishing in jail, others cannot get good employment because they have a record. Do not worry about engaging Republicans, they cannot ever be trusted again. Just knock it out in a budget resolution, or better yet, kill the filibuster, but however you do this, do not let these two years go to waste! There is no guarantee that Democrats will win the House or Senate in 2022, so please, my God, please move NOW with all due diligence!

    • Old School Investors Group

      As usual, a lot of talk. Let's see some action. Do not allow these politicians in states like Texas to put people in jail for possession or anything else related to cannabis. Pass federal legal medical cannabis now!

    • Bagd Biggerd

      Decriminalize all drugs and get people meaningful jobs, hope, and happiness and then there won't be any problems. It starts with an inflation adjusted UBI that is tied to education, health, behavior, community service requirements. How much money could be saved from throwing people in prison and used to make people behave better and get an education? 30k a year per inmate? The prisons only condition people to be lunatics(imagine being locked up for months on end with a bunch of other lunatics, you will go insane too). Basically pay people to work, behave, get education, and contribute to society in a positive way and you will solve 95% of all problems AND it will be cheaper to do.

    • Bagd Biggerd

      I bet they went and smoked a doobie after this.

    • Progz

      honestly, im sick of the stupid small talk about making it legalize. Just do it. It makes me sick to my stomach how long it is taking NY just to do it. Every state around NY is beating them.

    • Cannabis Legalization News

      we are going to show your stuff, dude. come on the podcast, please!

    • Janet Asmussen

      It's about damn time this was legalized. People with chronic pain need this instead of opioids. Marijuana is not habit forming... period. Opioids are!

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