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    • H. Larissa Haro

      I love the borking edits 😂

    • Emily Dryden

      Thanks for answering my request with this video!!

    • Making Memories with Madeline & Mommy

      Nice info. The vine that has the holes in the leaves is very interesting. I've been focusing mainly on my outdoor plants but, this inspires me to get some indoor stuff going.

    • мир цветов и растений

      Good day. THAT'S THE BEAUTY of how many super beautiful flowers

    • Korey Ratering

      So ADHD lol I get it. And that dogs timing was to funny.

    • Susan Sanchez

      Hi Tate! Command hangers are the best, they're also available at Target and Walmart ,also Hobby Lobby and Home Depot, in different sizes and uses, you really have a beautiful jungle vibe in your room, your Alocasia plants are beautiful, love your videos, keep up the good work, hugs from Orange County, Ca 😀🌱🌿

    • Victoria_plants_Vegas

      You are too damn funny and I am a fidgeter also, have been since I was little, pls never apologize for being you, that's why I love you girl. Love the plants on the ceiling, it looks amazing and I bet the view laying in bed looks cool. Happy you got your brace off, take care!

    • Emma's plants

      Great, thanks for sharing :) My plants aren't long enough to attach them onto the wall yet but I would love to do it in the future !

    • THE Viking Carrot

      Ah, Tate, you're a delight! Love your spirit, love your plants, love your plant pillow. 🤩🌱💚

    • Katoria H

      I’m always afraid that what if my plant gets a pest ? and it’s all over my ceiling than ugh I’ll have to take it all down
      Great Velcro/command hook tip!!

    • Lynne Haley

      Tate! Please, please, please, at all cost -- AVOid wire hangers! (the plastic is okay). And, do not worry -- there is nothing wrong with you (unless Dunkin' has been buying their chocolate from Starbucks) -- You are completely normal (I think) -- it's just that your brain moves faster than your mouth. HUGZ! -- L 💚💚💚

    • Mia Johnson

      I love how chaotic you and your videos are😂😂 I love this!!!

    • Such Plants

      That outro was 🤌🏼😂 Your energy is infectious and had me all hyped up! 😆

    • Luz G

      I enjoy wishing u u r so cute and I don’t get gross out with your scars I have a strong stomach

    • Joshua Adams

      Wow that looks super cool, never seen the ones on your ceiling before. I need to try this with my rhaphidophora tetrasperma as it's almost touching the ceiling. Thanks for uploading! I know you're a smaller channel compared to others but you are already one of my favourites ✨

    • Jessica Daimée

      You're right not to censure yourself and allowed to do it everytime you need 😉 youtube woul'd like to make us believe life is always happy but it.s not and so many picture-smiling are just lying... Never let people censure you 💪👍(sorry if my english is strange, I'm french 😉). Love your videos Keep being U 😉🙂🙂🙂 I love your videos 👍💪🙂🙂🙂

    • Plantyy Vivi

      Your so inspiring I have 30 plants and am just 11 and I just realized people my age are just shaking their butts and am just taking care of plants btw today is my birthday 🥳

    • Susanna Hellmuth

      Where did you get those fancy transparent hooks? 😮


      Omg 😨 scars. .....🤕


      Welcome back 😛

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