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    The Division 2 | Old School M1A Build | Solo Legendaries With Ease! | 4M a Shot + High Survivability

    I really enjoy using this weapon and it still works well and is one of the best guns to use!! Vendor This Week – 3 …


    • Double Loot

      Boomerang on the rifle and shield with hive nice build ;)

    • AndyRocks

      Defendant one I will try. Thank you.

    • eGavik

      Thanks for this. This is similar to my current build except I'm not using the shield or boomerang on my M1A. I'm currently 5 reds and 1 blue and definitely too squishy. I'll have to try it out tonight.

    • H Bubby

      Nice run. The common them to all of the solo legendary videos I've seen seem to variants of this sort of build but more importantly a PC platform. As a console player, I've tried repeatedly but just don't have the consistent accuracy to get the full use out of the high damage talents like focused or headhunter which seem to be the go to when attempting this alone.

    • Prof Em's 22

      Still ps4🀦

    • 4K Pc Gamer

      would you like to give me the build of PVP I have a build for pvp I dont which one i need to take when eve I enter in pvp conflict and I start hitting peoples in match my bullets not getting enough demage even I have 190% crit demage and 59% crit chance and also weapons talents but demage not work for the players is it bug or im using wrong build Im using 2 providence defence backpack+holster and 1 grupo sombra mask and 1 petrove defence Group and 1 fenris group chest and kneepad 1 overloard Armaments please help me to make conflict pvp build

    • SpArDa

      Hey Pat,
      Great build. Quick question: Are you sure the repair skills quicken the Artificer repair speed?
      I've tried this in the past with 1, 2 and 3 max RS mods and it's had no affect on the time it takes to rebuff. Thanks

    • fire blade

      Herioc OK but these legendary fuckers just run very fast at me and I'm dead lol!
      Even in a team we all die got healers and tanks, how do u beat these fuckers!!!!


      I prefer the "Baker's Dozen" with that "Perfect Lucky Shot" talent. As a rifleman, you will be behind cover most of the time anyway, so you will only use ammo that actually hits....that's what works for me. "Boomerang" would be my second go-to talent to use.

    • Derek Mueller

      Oh my god I'm so pissed I deconstructed alot of the rifles m1a's and all in just trying to get exotics or named when the best is the regular with boomer-anggg and shield.... Normally challenging bunch of directs or a little solo heroic but have been wanting to get that big horny in the summit this is the only build that I come close to farming solo I know what people are thinking even me with about 900k armor no room to miss or be shot.. I was running gunner special with vig and perfecto focus but the lifesaver and the must is the SHIELD πŸ›‘οΈ Got 4 God rolled bakers dozen trade them all back for a classic or a virginian with a SCOPE!! hahaha 😁 making it look pretty easy knowing 1-2 shots on u your dead.. It's so funny how on legendary things are going soooo great then....pop pop shit WTF

    • Chang H

      Is this gun the same as Bakers Dozen?

    • Fear 3

      Him: beat this in mins
      Me: try his build n temp to do this and died over n over

    • Dean Genesius

      Good to see a legendary build that isnt reliant on a full on skill build, not sure why ppl prefer to have the game beat itself with skills lol. I love the M1A, will give this a go.

    • Neva Eva

      Fucking Lazer with the M1. Good shit.

    • mkparker99

      That is crazy good shooting! Interesting build.

    • Aubrey GDJ

      Hi. Do you have a Level 100 Solo Tower Build?

    • Rihan __

      This build can clear legendary mission with proper positioning.

    • Krixus Tlatoani

      I'd just rather use Ravenous or a skill build lol

      M1 is good, I just get tired of using it tbh

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