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    The Backwards Brain Bicycle – Smarter Every Day 133

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET SMARTER SECTION: A quick clarification…. It took me 8 months to learn how to do this, but I was only picking up the …


    • Mohammed

      "They think I'm dumb but I'm actually two levels deep into this"
      This is going to be my motto lmao.

    • b sharp

      We have instincts for physical activities like biking, jumping, swinging, etc. Instincts live on a level below intellect - like machine code below the operating system on a computer. A cat, for instance, has instincts for navigating the world - without intellect or reason involved, they intuit their way around their environment.

      Our instincts, like the cat's, map to the flow of reality. As long as space-time flows the way it does - steady, continuous, uninterrupted - our instincts serve us. The minute something is changed, our instincts must adjust.

      This is clearly demonstrated in your video, where left and right were swapped and your old instincts failed you. Until you adapted new instincts for the change in your physical reality, you were lost.

    • Ricardo alves

      Does this bike not have breaks?

    • caleb

      its like using a tiller on a saill boat you turn the tiller left to go right and right to go left

    • vilkku

      What if you tried riding with no hands? Unless the mechanism has too much resistance, it should work.

    • Michael Jackson

      The anxious silver clasically skip because rectangle parenthetically scold before a recondite downtown. laughable, bustling conga

    • stimmo77

      Counter steering is a big part of this. You turn the opposite way to the way you go to put the bike on a lean to the direction you want to go. You’d have to counter steer less on a smaller bike as you’d be closer to the ground and need less of a lean so less of a counter steer. That could also be a major factor as to why the kid finds it easier.

    • Pla1n0

      It would be interesting to see what an experienced motorcyclist would do here. Anyone familiar with the concept of counter steer, which is essentially what is going on here.

    • Revert FPV

      Don’t underestimate welders XD

    • Babbipangang

      Everyone: Struggles
      Me: who plays video games on inverted since i was like 5

    • hüsamettin akar

      Oh now I see why it is easy to learn new things when we are young ^^

    • sandflee

      This is the most mind blowing video I've ever seen. So genius!

    • Teelaire

      But it's not just backwards... Theres an extra pivot point making each handlebar movement to corresponding wheel movement more sensitive. If that makes sense. Can't find the right words lol


      i really want to try this bike now

    • Gareth Blyth

      There's probably some next level stuff going on in your brain in those moments. Like a neuroscientist establishment may be able to learn incredible things from this.

    • Corey Finn

      I suspect if this is the bike you use to learn you'll ride it like a normal bike but that's just a speculation and I think it'll take 4 times as long to learn


      Him:I am 2 Parallel universes ahead of you

    • Scott Greubel

      I think this is my favorite video you have ever done, and I've seen many of them.
      What a great role model you are. Hope to meet you someday- in the beyond.

    • Uthark Runa

      On my third day of bike riding, haven't riden since nust after school. You dont forget how but you certainly don't have the ability to do.

    • יאיר שני

      Why dont you cross your hands on the handlebar? Right hand to the left side of handlebar and left hand to the right

    • Logan Williams

      I could ride it within 4 tries guarantee

    • IWD_tv

      Part 2: pedals are also gear-inverted so that the bike actually go backward if you turn them forward
      Part 3: the saddle is also inverted so that the handlebar is behind your back and you need mirrors to see where you go
      Part 4: the handlebar is sideways at a 90° angle, so you rotate it down or up to go left or right
      Part 5: same but wearing kaleidoscopic goggles
      Part 6: vlog from my new 'hospital' room

    • Hoonatic Bloggs

      This isn’t a new thing. We called them clown bike in the 70’s

    • Tim fondiggle

      Oh man little kid Destin looks like a dork lol

    • Nad Navlis

      What an interesting video. Subscribed because of this first video I have watched from you.

    • TobberHarley

      This is very interesting, and could lead to a video about using inverted mouse or not in FPS games. :)

    • Oliver Oddie

      This is one of the best videos on the internet

    • Ora'z

      God is real and loves you.. .No matter what you think about it. That is also truth.

    • Robert Gardner

      That was AWESOME!!!!!

    • Joey Engebretson

      Anyone know where I can buy one of these bikes??

    • Micah Foley

      Reminds me of games that don't let you invert the y-axis... if I don't charge my focus from deep Inside the game world to the reticle on the surface of the screen, I can't effectively make the switch.

    • Michael Morrison

      Someone needs to leave that bike in a prominently black area and film the results... for science.

    • Guest

      I want to try this.
      Now if you don't want anyone to steal your bike we make it this way!

    • Lmao

      "I did something that damaged my mind on the streets of amsterdam"
      Same here brother, same here

    • Allan Holmes

      By starting to learn how to ride a bike on a slope, we can without pedaling get to understand how to keep our balance, next we can learn how to steer without pedaling then we can learn how to keep ourselves moving by pedaling. Now comes the tricky bit, still on the slope to keep up our momentum and balance we can begin pedaling AND steering starting with TINY movements of the handle bars. Have anyone tried doing this with this funny bike?

    • Clementine

      I'm 100% positive I can do it

    • mtranchi

      god bless ya fucknut, for many things, but for now, "Get up." So many helicopter parents won't get that some road rash won't stop a parent from teaching his kid

    • MrT Qc

      Who downvotes this kind of videos!?

    • Kalon Effinger

      I feel that a motorcycle rider could ride the backwards bike. If you push the right handle bar forward and lean right you go right even though you are turning the wheel to the left. I do this when. I want to get deep into a turn

    • Devendra Dongre

      Nobody cud steal your bike now...!!

    • king gaming

      His child is now a test subject😂. Hoping to see it in more vids

    • Da PeNciL ShiNoBi

      It’s easy . So it’s the brains that are trying. You have to sit there , and turn the handles over and over left and right . For 30 mins. Period if you can’t do that then pull back on handle bars , and lean your butt in the direction you turn

    • Asmodeus Mictian

      Thank you for an awesome video!!

    • The Edge


    • The Edge

      Jus gotta Practice....Looks like that bike steers way quiker than normal.....Change the steering ratio

    • The Edge

      Try to mkae one that pedals backwards...........

    • SJ PARK

      bomb through lotto deviate 😁👍🏻

    • SlayerofFiction

      Intelligence is relative to your ability, Example a Scientist or Engineer is Briliant in their own right but often cannot weld, change a tire or of course physically build anything on their own that any tradesman can do.

    • River Trash

      4:19 haha c'mon man you're within reach, but when he starts peddling on a bike you know he's going to crash you just look at the camera instead of catching him.

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