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    • D Leigh

      You've had that much tren you've got a permanent tren cough lol

    • I

      Very interesting and informative mate. All the vids I watch teach me loads learnt more here than any were else. 🤜🏻🤛🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • xander van spanje

      very educational, learnt a lot! thanks

    • prefertoxic

      What about subcutaneous injection into the fat? Allegedly it's slows down the absorption. What do you think? Is there any benefit or downside to shot in the belly fat compared to intramuscular shots?

    • myflesh10

      Hi Dave, thanks for all the great videos & info!!

      I assume You know something of the research that has shown the connection between
      taking external Testosterone and how it creates/stimulates/grows new additional Nuclei
      in muscle cells(in Human & animal studies) and therefore more muscle growth
      potential in the future. I’ve had great results with LGD-4033 and
      Mk-477(although I’m not  sure which one was mainly responsible) in gaining
      size, I put on about 20 lbs in a month and a half without eating much extra and
      working out with high reps as I had been doing prior to the Sarm cycle, seemed
      like better results than I’ve heard many have on Roids.

      So my question is considering the great results with Sarms what are Your thoughts
      on what effect Sarms might have on creating additional Nuclei(if any) compared
      to Test? I haven’t heard of the comparison in that regard before. Do You know much about the physiology of Sarms, or just any speculation

      Thank You for listening and for the wealth of information and experience You
      convey,  Louis

    • myflesh10

      Great video!!! Thanks for getting technical but in a way that is easily understandable.

    • Tom McCauley

      Thanks for these great informative videos. You are awesome.

    • Thomas Morris

      Question? is there any proof that steroids affect your bones?

    • BertoR88

      Really fascinating talk. I would love to hear you discuss estrogen and or side effect management. No one every really seems to go in depth when discussing blood pressure management on cycle. A lot of us don't experience improvement in blood pressure when we lower estrogen. If water retention is the source of a rise in BP, which it pretty clearly is in a lot of cases, and estrogen is the source of water retention, than why do men continue to retain water and have elevated BP on cycle after lowering estrogen?

      I believe at this point, with very limited evidence, that the anabolic effect on our organs, especially the kidneys, is the source of water retention and can therefore only be controlled with something like diuretics.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for your content. I hope you get a chance to bring Dr. Scally on your channel.

    • Unbreakable Strength And Health

      This reminds me of an article i read on Datbtrue's site about GHRP/GHRH's which increase IGF1 down the line seem to have a positive effect on testosterone levels,his idea was,if i remember rightly,that its hard to have a low testosterone level in an environment with a healthy IGF-1 level.
      He had blood test results to back it up i think too.

    • SG

      subjectively, my TRT significantly improved my depression and anxiety

    • Reklawization

      excellent vid, keep them coming

    • Adam Lister

      I do test e tren e and decca every other day so I'm doing the right thing thanks for the info also I was wondering.

      How long after injecting an test or tren E ester does it it start working in the body

      For example iv been on a couple of months so the gear is in my system. Does the injection work in 2 weeks or a couple of hours like 12 hours after injection?

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