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    Fender's New Acoustasonic Jazzmaster! Is this the best one yet?

    Fender continue their foray in to the world of acoustic / electrics with their third iteration of the hit Acoustasonic series – introducing the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster!


    • S B

      I hope it comes in lefty

    • kitoyobeni1

      For my purposes, I think I would prefer a piezo bridge on a true electric guitar with dual outputs (or a stereo cable to split at the pedal board) and a floor unit to handle the acoustic model processing and switching. I don't know that I would need 8 different acoustic models switchable on my guitar and only variations of gain on one electric model. Maybe next year's iteration offers two electric pickups (tappable bridge humbucker and neck single) and has separate switching for acoustic and electric tones? This single output system leaves you stuck with less favorable tone with either the acoustic or electric tones depending on your choice (acoustic amp, electric amp, or direct).

    • Big Log

      Nice playing but the Guitar? Yuk!

    • Mark Mywords

      Being an offset, how comfortable is it to play sitting down for any length of time? Just asking cos I don't think I have ever actually sat down to play an offset. Thanks

    • Shibe

      I love your hair

    • Guitar Ocd

      It seems everybody got one of these. If you want to laugh go to ola's review.

    • Henrik Sörensen

      Sorry meant UAD Plugins; -)

    • Henrik Sörensen

      Hi cheers great Video; -) how authentic for Home recording do you See the acoustic Sounds. I use und Plugins and could See combining with und Ocean way to get a realistic Sound. Thanks for your Feedback . Love your Channel; -)

    • hiberNative

      14:25 I like that all the big youtubers got this guitar and Jack is just here melting them with some tasty shreds.

    • Josh Fox

      Fender pushing this so hard (especially with the “influencer” crowd) sounds like shit

    • Bengt Rønning

      Wish I could play that well. I can buy the guitar, but.........

    • Steve West

      Could you please tell me what gauge strings are you using and how light can you go without losing the acoustic tone?

    • Dale Robbins

      very clever piece of kit.... breaks new ground for live performance and it sounds good....

    • D P

      I can only imagine the bile and ridicule they would have been subjected to if Gibson had put this thing out...

    • D P

      Lovely playing as always Jack, and an eloquent presentation as for the guitar, for me it's "neither fish nor fowl" - which I suppose is the point...unfortunately that leaves it sounding like the cross-pollinated, mutant freak of a guitar that it is - i.e. not so great

    • karmapolice

      That is such a cool instrument. I'd love to see a side by side comparison with one of the Godin Multiacs.

    • Ian Bell

      Fabulous playing on a good looking guitar. You make noodling along on the guitar look easy

    • Phil Smith

      Did you try it through a Mesa Rosette preamp?

    • Davide Gelao

      Fender sending this shit to every youtuber on the planet trying to make a sense for this guitar. It sucks, in the look, in the sound, in the feeling, in the playability. The true Fender spirit actually lives only in the Custom Shop. Fender Usa Is dead. Period.

    • reffoelcnu alouncelal

      Doesn’t matter how they package this acoustatronic I don’t like it

    • bruce manners

      Sounds great 👍

    • Andy_K

      I think I have just fallen in lust...

    • Mangua moreira

      its like a swiss knife, its does everything but nothing well

    • donkeydarko77

      Uploaded at the same time as Anderton's, and with the same title...

    • Nic Elliott

      Great playing as always. Not sure the sound is great but I may be missing the point. Perhaps good for someone needing multiple options in the studio?

    • Glyn Heskins

      How much of that sound is the amp and not the guitar?

    • daddio307

      One thing I don't get about all the haters of this is that I believe they think it should sound like a acoustic guitar in front of a very nice microphone. Instead, this is supposed to sound like an acoustic guitar that is plugged in. At best, many amplification systems often sound so-so. This, however, to my ears, sounds like a very nicely balanced and eq'd pickup from an acoustic. Not perfect, but there are so many applications in which this would sound nice. Remember when Ovations first came out? They sounded thin and quacky but everyone rushed out to perform and record with them. Don't rush to judgment.

    • Timothy Pashé

      i actually like how this looks but the sound is mediocre at best. tries to be both electric and acoustic at the same time and doesn't do either well enough to justify it's price

    • im annonymous

      Fender have been developing this series for decades now but pick up technology has advanced in leaps and bounds .
      I first played an acoustic tele in early 2000 . I remember I had a chance to buy one..when I went back the next day it was sold.
      I like the jazz body more for this format for sure tho ...

    • BluesSumlin...

      Hate Acoustasonics!😎

    • B B

      Not keen on the sound really. Why no strumming, also?

    • Michel Aubry

      To my taste ugly guitar

    • Steve Burroughs

      certainly the best demo yet

    • Doug J

      Jack, a brilliant demo, Your playing is superb, love the look of this Fender they have done well.

    • TLR TLR

      Genuine question, does anyone here actually think these sound any good?

    • MrMEVgaming

      Are they really going to issue one standard Fender guitar shape for Acoustasonic line once every year? Lol

    • Norman Stewart

      To my ears all I can hear is a harpsichord

    • TheRealCAPerry

      Hearing echoes of both Suzanne Vega and Nuno Bettencourt in there at times. Interesting combo.

    • Neil Aspinall

      But who are these Acoustasonic series guitars aimed at, rich buskers? They are way over priced, 999 would be a fairer starting point I feel.

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