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    COMMERCIAL GROW LIGHTING EXPLAINED: Cannabis Light Levels, PPF, PPFD, Leaf Surface Temp. and MORE!

    We visited Mt Baker Gardens in Bellingham with Grow Rebates CEO, Rob Van Diest, who is also featured on Growing Exposed. Rob further elaborates on the …


    • crucialmatt

      Weeeeeeeeek af I hit 1000-1200 ppfd @ my tops hahaha I use 500 ppfd in veg

    • peter bohawicek

      From what you just said, i figured... HPS Lights run without CO2 and around 500umol in high Flower. The other Set, all LED, running w i t h CO2 and already around 800umol at low Temps but Numbers will increase drastically when close to 95F. How much PPFD would you recommend for LED's w i t h o u t CO2 for Seedlings,Veg & Flower ? ! The Finetuning can be quite a bitch ;-) Thanks

    • John Shamamyan

      target 83 degrees room temp and 85 - 95 leaf temps??? Your VPD will be through the roof how does this make sense.

    • Yolosolo Northwest

      I'm having issues with gavita 1700e led light burn. Heat isn't an issue as i measured it with infrared thermometer gun. Co2 is at 900ppm. Light fixture is 18" away. What could the issue be? What causes light burn? too high of PPFD? What causes plants too bleach? The light intensity (lumens)? Week3 🌺

    • mike de

      What would you say good leaf tempreture are, without c02 ?
      I read mixed options, 75-77f , 75-80f , and I read 83-85 with 85f optimal , and 90/90odd max, so many numbers lol, what do you recommend

    • x d

      Optimum oof at canopy level for ambient co2 levels 800 or so?

    • cmccaryon

      Which lights do you use in your veg rooms, thanks for the info.. Best wishes!

    • Full Send Garden

      Great info on your video πŸ‘ really enjoyed it and your channel about growing πŸ’ͺ I have subscribed and liked πŸ‘ Check out my grow channel and subscribe ❀️

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