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    HEALTHY ROOTS Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Grow 10 – PURPLE KUSH (Documented)

    Purple Kush grown in bucket huydroponics. Massiva roots develope in this documented grow in less than 22 days. Flower began Nov 12th, this video is from that …


    • Greensealmcc

      Lovely looking females....... (Totally jealous of the thickness and color of their roots) :)

    • Robert Hance

      so is it ok for the roots 2 be in the water or do you keep lowering water so you only get the mist on the lower area as it grows

    • Ryan Spiteri

      how long was it from seed ?

    • Join ailes

      can you use kratky

    • King Monarch

      Looking good nice job buddy πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • dave9074

      30 seconds my ass


      completely useless video for anyone wanting to know HOW to get healthy roots.

    • Clark Kent

      my roots look brownish but not like root rot is it normal for the nutrients to make them look a little brownish? please watch my video and lemme know what you think? thanks!

    • Big Smoke

      I was told before that a home depot bucket leeches oils into the plant

    • MrGillyStar

      how close the roots to the water should they be or does the roots grow in the water. i'm lost!

    • Jim Ezzo

      What are you using for nutes?? I'm using fox farm and its turning them at tan/brownish color.

    • Jon Yodice

      are most of the roots submerged under water the whole time?Β  im new to dwc, havent started yet since my seeds still havent popped, and I just cant seem to find any info about whether or not the roots in dwc are constantly submerged.Β  we you star a seedling, do you have to fill your bucket all the way up so it will submerge the bottom of the net pot?

    • Basia Hales

      I also have the comprehensive step-by-step video directions teaching how to build your own homemade Aquaponics system. Its so easy that even your grandma is able to do it

    • rodney haire

      this is going to be a 25 40 second video lolololo

    • eric b

      I grow in an aeroponic set up and last grow my girl got root rot...I've heard small amount of bleach in water? Has this ever happened to you?

    • LeeeChum

      brew your own teas! go all organic! real organic!!! feed the microbes!

    • SDdayze

      use H2O2 once a week or when you notice the roots darkening or I use beneficial enzymes

    • M D

      I cant get my roots white like that :-(

    • cody wise

      you should clip you shade leafs after branches are over a inch long

    • Leslie J. Colon

      Thanks for your movie. Also, I have some guidelines to grows up to 10 x the plants, in half time, with much healthier plants, while the "fish" do all the work...” Take a look at the following web site for more info: ο½—ο½—ο½—

    • xavier morton

      Anyone heard of stump tea? my roots look like the pics i am impressed! all ryzomorphic

    • remi keith

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    • OG619

      soil or hydro? i run small 2l DWC with AN line up and get amazingg results!.. voodoo juice rocks! develops massive as roots! clean white and thick..

    • Gone Saiyan

      Also, will cutting the fan leaves at any point of development promote root growth ??

    • Gone Saiyan

      What rooting formula are u using ? I'm having root issues and was just wondering which products u use for such great roots. Nice plants.

    • rimtech

      don't use the drug store 3% hydrogen peroxide because it has preservatives, antifungals and such, you don't want that in your tank... the food grade stuff is the way to go.

    • Matthew Fox

      i think he knows what he's doing, that's what the air stones are for.

    • pitchblacknight

      What combo of Liquid Nutrients/Schedule are you using? Those look GREAT!! So Healthy! I would love to do exactly what you do, good job!!

    • mixmex19

      Id cut those roots. You could get root rot or sufocate it. It needs air to breath

    • GrowLightSource

      Those are are some healthy roots, for sure. Into Grow? Click Below! 420 Watt Inda-Gro Light grow results.

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