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    • Dennis Lenihan

      Hey Bill, I tried it and like it. Great video.

    • Alex Bolden

      Nice Video...Amazon can miss my money on the CalMag at least😎

    • B KL

      Wondering if you close the lid on that egg shell and vinegar mixture when you let it cure for a week?
      Thanks for the tip... yeah, I like to save a buck where I can too. Waist not want not.


      Great idea and video, thank you for sharing the knowledge. I knew there was a way to make this, used to see my grandmother use eggshells all the time and there were always eggshells in her garden. We have ducks and chickens and some big oak trees that I use to make my own dirt, I never trow away leaves, I have some amazing dirt made from years of leaf decay. I mix that black dirt with coco and vermiculite, then I mix in some chicken/duck dirt with some ground up feathers, this I put deep in the pots, I put it in first then the blk dirt and coco vermic mix.

    • Jason Knight

      Thanks Bill I do this now!

    • Jack Parsons

      would oyster shell work? i get it by the 20 lb bag?

    • John Crypto

      just burn the shells in a fire collect the ashes top dress done.

    • Ned Zeppelin

      Nice simple cal-mag recipe and presentation. I used the coffee/herb grinder which ground it down to a powder. Much finer than the mini food processor. PH was at 5.0 after setting for a week.

    • B Suttle

      Won’t vinegar kill the beneficial bacteria and micro organisms?

    • Peter Gorman

      Can this be used on humans with calcium issues?

    • Trader John

      Anybody know what would result with tap water instead of vinegar? Does result have to be cal. Acetate?

    • Scott Green

      I researched, magnesium is calcium is atomic weight 12 calcium 20, heavy elements negative, like magnets, epsom salt is 1/10 magnesium, and egg shells are 40 percent calcium, so to get an even balance if these nutrient magnets, to prevent leaching ok, you use 10 grams of egg shells fir every 24 epsom. My pot plants go ballistic. Say, “cation exchange capacity”!?....note you are also adding sulfate with epsom salt which is good to some point, now say sulfate inclusive fertilizers!?....there’s several, my cheaters ammonia sulfate has it. Check that stuf out for solvable nitrogen, then there’s the slow release arguments, finally feed yer microbes AT ph.

    • LiveWire999

      Can one heat the vinegar and calcium mixture to make the infusion process faster safely? I won’t burn my house down will I?

    • Karen Fleming

      How much epsoms salts and when do you add it to the mixture

    • Christina Ball

      Can i use apple cider vinger

    • Kym Langmead

      can ya just leave the shells out in the sun for a few days?

    • Masshole Grower

      Every bottle of cal/mag I've opened didn't smell pleasant.......oh would a close to neutral ph be an indicator the mixture is ready for use if it gets stuck a little low can you still use it or should you wait until it rises closer to ph7 ?..... great content..... thank you. ✌😎👍

    • Helder Torres

      Just buy cal Mag from Dr forest is 5 or 7. £

    • Brittany Cloud

      I have a question how much ebson salt do I use for one cup of vinegar need a little extra help

    • Kevin Clavey

      That was really helpful Sir, thanks for sharing 👍

    • Lorraine Bijou

      Hello Bill. I made this last week and strained the egg shell mixture. We will be trying this on the next feeding. Thanks for a great money saving video. You rock dude!

    • Floki and his Camera

      Hi Bill. Just mixed this up, how soon can it be strained and used? Does it have to be 2 weeks? Thanks mate :)

    • Bill B

      Hi Bill.l just subscribed to your channel and love your videos. I'm a first time grower and I'm wondering if l need to add a cal mag solution to my organic soil? The soil l use is baked for 30 days and claims little nutrient loss. It also has lime which l understand has cal mag. What do you think? Thanks Bill B from Canada

    • Jason C

      Could this be used in an aquaponics system? Or do you think it would be affect fish health?

    • Crimes Across The Globe •

      I put my eggs in oven to burn the mem off then crushed and into blender and its turns a white powder and add it as a topping and water in... get it fine as possible then add 1 table spoon of Epsom.

    • Alan Chun

      Would crushed oyster shells work in place of egg shells?

    • ddwmc

      I found my self here today after a bottle of Cal-Max from amazon showed up today with a broken cover and nothing in the bottle. I have a couple Bruce Banner autos that have been yellowing more and more each day they seem to have normal Ph and have been fed Gia green organic nutrients, the recommended amounts 2 plants are doing awesome and 2 that are yellowing as I type this One problem I'm having all I can find are lavender Epson salts ! any thoughts on lavender ? Master sense Bill, I'm thinking I shouldn't use it.

    • Grant

      Do you leave the lid off when you're letting it sit for 1-2 weeks?

    • Brandon Gregory

      Are you able to use white vinegar? I can not find distilled vinegar for the life of me. I’ve had my shells soaking for 3 days currently, I plan to correct the ph after as white vinegar is very acidic.

    • greykif

      can i use wine vinegar or it has to be white vinegar

    • greykif

      man thanjks a lot people nowadays are being assholes who doesnt share infoo, thanks a lot man appreciate this vide so much i've always hated calmag additiv

    • homegrowntwinkie

      I've got a case of eggs I haven't used up that went bad. Was gonna throw them out today. Guess I'll be cracking them open and keeping the shells lol.

    • Devine Rhymes

      Would the oyster shells work ?? And would I have to cook them ? I have powder oyster shells ?

    • PsychoAxeMan

      Can't u just grind up tums antacids its full of calcium i use them on my tomatoe plants . I just push it into soil close to plant everytime u water it slowly dissolves

    • Attila Joza

      You are a outstanding grower and teacher! I tryed to mix my own one problem was I had concentrated vinegar mix it and it evaporated! I added more plan vinegar and now I strained it and i still smell vinegar do i add water to neutralize it to proper ph?

    • District Records

      if you added the epsom salt in immediately, how much would you put into your mixture?

    • Buffy Plays

      not going to try it because burning them takes long time :(
      thanks for the recipe nonetheless

    • Tea God

      I found out egg shells that aren't free roam have small amounts Mercury and lead and other toxic material from the medicine and testing done on are farm raised and factory raised chickens do you think that would transfer to the soil and plant? Or are the trace amounts so small it doesn't matter to us?

    • JChalant

      so 1/2 Tablespoon calcium concoction + 1 teaspoon epsom salt into 1 Gallon of water = 1 Gallon store bought CalMag solution
      ...which you would use via milliliters pre gallon again to actually feed?

    • Lorraine Bijou

      Would washed and air dried egg shells work too? Or do I need to cook the powder (mine are already crushed and put through my grinder)?

    • Eric Dube

      Does it have to be white vinegar or can you use apple cider vinegar?

    • Pete

      Is this correct?

      1 cup ground, heated egg shells
      1-2 c Vinegar
      let shells dissolve in vinegar for a week or two
      Strain resulting liquid
      Should have about 1 cup of liquid, which you add 1 tablespoon per 2 gallons to your feed

      Also, have you thought about just buying a calcium carbonate supplement and using that? I'm kind of inclined to do that and just use the eggshells in soil. A couple google searches indicate you could substitute the supplement essentially equally to the eggshells by weight. Looks like it might be pretty cheap to do.


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