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    Pulmonary Effects of Cannabis – Donald Tashkin, MD | UCLA Health Cannabis Research Initiative

    Pulmonary Effects of Cannabis – Donald Tashkin, MD, Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Inaugural 2017 UCLA Cannabis …


    • GriefSociety

      What difference would educational level possibly make when looking at MJ/Tobacco smoking and Lung Cancer? (serious question) I genuinely cant think of a reason why that would need to be accounted for.

    • Jonny Sandtrap

      lol 5 bucks says the tested weed wasnt organic.....but i digress

    • Jeremiah Alexander

      Been smoking since I was 12 damn near everyday and im 17 still working at the top of my class so you were saying???

    • Joe Arvallo

      This propaganda at it's finest! Dr. Judy mikovit says other wise marijuana and cabinoids are our best friend

    • Cookiemonstah 11

      They should research weed and the cold/flu i swear ever since I started smoking weed i have not had a cold weird but true .

    • Mark Minardi

      great video with no scare tactics, just science!

    • Valkonnen

      What a bunch of absolute bullshit! Cannabis has never caused a single death in all of recorded history. They have been lying about one the most beneficial plants on the face of the earth since 1937. After all of this time of exhaustive tests to prove it dangerous, all that they could come up with is , "It could lead to dangerous drugs". What kind of a chickenshit answer is that? The only reason that anyone ever bought that bullshit, is that they were scared into submission by the threat of the law.

    • Crie

      I don't know how people can say smoking weed helps them with their asthma... I have very mild asthma that goes away by itself if I'm very physically active and develop good cardiovascular health. Yet in my case, being someone who has been smoking weed everyday for the past three years, it has worsen my asthma a little and has caused me to have bronchitis.... I never get bronchitis and it made me feel like my chest was going to explode for the past few days... It's enough for me to stop smoking, it's not worth the pain and discomfort. I never smoked cigarettes by the way.

    • Trey Pettit

      I think marijuana does increase pneumonia risk. I smoke daily and I got it for the first time ever only after I started

    • TEAMJESUS 70

      You old Pot smokers don't forget to nebulite with Colloidal Silver.

    • Daniel Hitchcock

      Bet its quality and method over the plant itself. The old heads didn't report any of the negative side effects. Gov. studies notoriously have a negatively desired outcome and create the desired outcome in a number of manipulations through intellectual dishonesty. Just sayin

    • thecocksaysmoo

      Cannabis helps my moderate asthma. I hardly need my emergency inhaler & I've been able to come off all my other breathing meds. Cannabis is good for my asthma & I'm tobacco free.

    • Harley Limassol

      Tobacco kills, cannabis heals. Simple. Stop the reefer madness please.

    • Covey1969

      Cannabis Oil in High THC strains can and does heal COPD and Empheseyma. I give it to my 81 year old father and he does not show signs of progression and is showing improvement since he's taking the oil for the last 3 months. He also states that his etreme leg kicking syndroeme that does not allow proper sleep is abated when taking the Oil before bed. Deep sleeps at that age are rare and difficult for many.

    • BIgBass255

      cough to get off! @ 14:00

    • Lynn Roberts

      words say tobacco. but man is smoking cigarette which is not "tobacco" as in the plant, but fake tobacco. then they blame the plant.

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